• Why Bigfoot?

    Because nobody would believe us if we said we saw the Lock Ness Monster. Being land locked has drawbacks. 

  • Is Bigfoot real?

    That goes without saying. Bigfoot typically teleports in on Thursdays if his inter-dimensional travel schedule allows. He likes Thursday's special of Ricky Fried Chicken and gets in on the sign-in pool. 

  • Is Bigfoot hidden with advanced alien technology?

    There is a theory that suggests Bigfoot may not be of this world at all. That Bigfoot could be a survivor from a dying alien planet, brought to Earth by extraterrestrial beings to ensure their species’ survival.

    Allegedly, they reside in a secret location hidden with advanced alien technology, and the occasional sighting of Bigfoot only occurs when one of them strays from their hidden refuge.

    Ridiculous, right?

  • How frequently do you change the menu?

    We have different daily specials Monday through Wednesday. Check our Facebook page to see which menu item is being offered today. 

  • Do you serve fish fry's on Friday?

    Does Bigfoot deuce in the woods? 

    Well, actually we don't know the answer to that question and that's a bit off topic, but what we are 100% certain of is we serve Friday Fish Fry's. 

    I mean it's Central Wisconsin. Which also means Bloody Mary's on Saturday and Sunday morning are a house favorite.